First tenants move into University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Innovation Centre

Following the official opening of the Roslin Innovation Centre last May, the first tenants have moved in. Currie & Brown provided cost consultancy services on the project and supported the university with the fit-out for a number of tenants.

The Roslin Innovation Centre is based in the Charnock Bradley building at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus, which has the largest concentration of animal science related expertise in Europe. The 7,000m2 building includes incubator space for animal bioscience, specialist facilities for research, a science outreach centre, as well as additional campus facilities such as a shop, gym, lettable office and laboratory space and a public outreach centre. It also accommodates the Centre of Comparative Pathology and the International Centre for Livestock Improvement.

With its western side clad in local stone and a ‘living green wall’, and its eastern side appearing to float above the ground, it is hoped that the building will become an icon for the university. It will also act as the gateway to the campus and provide access to the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies and its newly expanded equine hospital; the Roslin Institute, the renowned animal sciences research institute; and a variety of companies from early stage start-ups to established businesses, all with innovation at their core.

Simon Brooke, director at Currie & Brown, said: “We have enjoyed working with the University of Edinburgh to help deliver this innovative, state-of-the-art building. The building, combined with the ecosystem, culture and supportive environment, encourages an inspiring and friendly atmosphere.”

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