New MRI and Oncology Unit at the Royal Cornwall Hospital successfully delivered within budget

Our team in South West England has successfully delivered cost management services on the new MRI and Oncology Unit at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

This £34 million project in Truro enables the relocation of the hospital’s existing MRI service to a new fit-for-purpose building. The project also re-develops and expands a spacious and contemporary Haematology and Oncology Unit; Lowen Ward. 

Our cost managers delivered the project on budget by managing the risk register and change process, including valuation of compensation events and providing contractual and cost advice to the Trust. The team maintained close relationships with both the main contractor and client teams to provide the most updated advice.

We added value by:

  • assisting with the MRI scanner fit-out and equipping turnkey tender process and analysis
  • providing business case writing capital support as required
  • undertaking programme analysis and liaison with the PSCP to comply with the NEC
  • monitoring and closing out early warnings
  • completing the optimism bias assessment at outline business case and full business case stages
  • advising the project management team on a contract strategy to procure early works through compensation events ahead of agreeing the GMP.

Lowen Ward is housed in the hospital’s Link Corridor area of the medical services block. This building is over 40 years old and very limited in terms of space, offering a poor patient experience. It is no longer considered fit-for-purpose. The new Lowen Ward will provide 24 designated cancer beds (6 more than currently) in a modern clinical space that will deliver the highest standards of care and infection prevention and control. It has a dedicated, state-of-the-art iodine suite and a peaceful palliative care suite, complete with secluded private garden.

The modern and welcoming MRI Suite will initially house two 1.5TMRI scanners, with room for a third MRI scanner in the future – anticipated to be a 3T scanner. The MRI Department will be co-located with other existing imaging services to improve continuity of care and workforce efficiencies.

Rapid diagnostics are essential to the delivery of modern care for major health problems, such as cancer and heart disease.  MRI is an important and less invasive diagnostic tool for a wide range of conditions and the relocation and improvement of the current MRI service ensures resilient long-term provision for Cornwall. 

Robert Wotton, senior cost consultant, comments: “I’m proud to the see the end result after roughly five years of hard work and being involved with this scheme from initial concept design through to completion has been really satisfying. It has been a pleasure working with the NHS trust and the Contractor who have embraced the spirit of the NEC contract, working together co-operatively and with integrity to deliver a successful project.”

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