NHS outdated equipment article in The Guardian

John Wilkinson, director of the Healthcare Advisory team at Currie & Brown responds to a recent article in The Guardian on the age of imaging equipment in our NHS Hospitals.

John says, “It was interesting to see the recent article published in The Guardian recently on the age of imaging equipment in our NHS Hospitals. We work with a range of NHS Trusts across the UK who are experiencing similar challenges and it’s proving to be a bit of a headache. The investment in community diagnostics centres was, without a doubt, much needed but this shouldn’t distract from the imaging infrastructure challenges faced by the acute sector.

We understand the challenges. Alongside an increased demand there is limited CRL, CDEL creating challenges for long-term solutions as well as navigating a complex commercial landscape.

Securing investment in imaging infrastructure improves patient outcomes and reduces waiting times.

Our global healthcare team recognises that health providers and organisations across the world manage significant capital expenditure across a broad and often complex range of projects. We offer vendor-neutral advice on imaging strategy and all aspects of business case development including identification and quantification of benefits and economic modelling (including comprehensive investment appraisal model (CIAM)).

I’m always happy to discuss imaging projects and learn more about the challenges that teams are struggling with.”

John is a diagnostic radiographer and has an MSc. in Healthcare Leadership from the NHS Leadership Academy and a PgDip. in Planning Buildings for Health from the Medical Architecture Research Unit at London South Bank University.

Contact: [email protected]

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